To Be Continued


This might be for you if value…

~ Purpose-driven progression

~ Harmony and ease

~ Sensuality and depth

~ Inclusiveness and belonging

~ and living with a light-heartedness

Through prose, poems, and meditation — you’ll find an unbreakable golden thread that busy cannot break. You can hear from me weekly on — Sundaze, a Sunday state of mind that promotes wellbeing and relaxation.

Then there is Bl_nk Space, an intimate space to connect with a joyous-expansive inner place. Since 2016 I’ve been sending my business newsletter, intermittently through Mailchimp — that chapter is closed. This beginning marks a decision to share more, to take up and create a cozy nook in the vastness of the internet.

Thank you for being here.

Le grá / with love,


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A curated space for creative minds, where nothing is permanent, and everything is possible. TBC — embraces the Zen wisdom of continuation, simplicity and present-moment awareness.


I write about well-being, psychology, meditation and moving away from always-on. I support (coach/mentor/train) creative entrepreneurs: to weave well-being into the fabric of their dreams.